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           Hunan Shi Juhui Building Materials Co., Ltd. originated in 2005, its English name is Gather Stone means that all directions stone and stone-related research together. Is a collection of scientific research, production, resource integration, sales for the three-dimensional industry layout. Research and development of fine governance 12 set, has grown into the domestic stone industry integration solutions for service providers and specialized stone suppliers. The company is divided into: sheet metal sales finished products deep processing division, hardware accessories supplies procurement distribution center business, mechanical research and development information management software division. The company is committed to the pursuit of improving the products to advanced equipment, superb technology, extraordinary quality, first-class service to consumers launched high-quality stone and stone processing equipment. Has now developed into a professional at home and abroad stone research, research and development, production and processing of the authority of enterprises. The company in 2015 in the world's most pioneering deep processing dynamic dust-free assembly line, to environmental protection in the future, the new direction of the industry, processing new departure. Comprehensive lead industry two construction (environmental protection and energy conservation, mechanical control).
                 The future development direction, shaping the Chinese stone benchmarking enterprises, subversion of the traditional structure of the industry (gray, chaotic, dirty, workshop processing), leading the industry environmental protection intelligence information production era, affecting the world stone industry, based on the Chinese market, into the tens of thousands of households , The central region as the center, the establishment of five major theater, detonated pull the market, industry changes, the company plans to branch directly, of which 100 operating agency center, east of Shanghai radiation Jiangsu, Zhejiang and North China to Tianjin radiation Tianjin Jin Tang, South China To the radiation of the Pearl River Delta in Guangzhou, southwest to Chengdu radiation Yu Dianqian, northeast to Shenyang radiation Liaoji black. When the stone Juhui "poly is a fire, sprinkle like stars"
                  Shi Juhui Bing "quality assurance, professional services, customer satisfaction" for business purposes, adhere to the "people-oriented, customer first" business philosophy, to promote "integrity, unity, dedication, struggle" spirit of enterprise. Sincerely look forward to working with you to create a win-win way, sharing the stone industry a better future.

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